England v Scotland ends with 3 – 2 victory to England

It was a breathtaking 90 minutes. I’m absolutely gutted, but inspired by a great Scotland effort. Twice Scotland were ahead! But twice England equalised. Then, a third, and finally, a goal by England to sink our hopes for the evening.

We were in York. Scottish pubs seem to be non-existent there, so we headed to O’Neil’s with its bank if TV screens. Not surprisingly we were outnumbered. However, the atmosphere was one of good-spirited rivalry.

Scotland were on great form. From the start it seemed that Gordon Strachan continues to have a positive influence on the attitude and performance of the squad. So much so that it didn’t come as a huge shock when James Morrison put us 1-up against the English. A truly deserved goal! That would have been enough – a repeat of the 1999 result. But there was more to come.

There were four more goals. Sadly three of these were for England, and we came away second-best. Kenny Miller’s goal kept hopes of a victory alive, but sadly it wasn’t enough.

In summary I’d say it was a positive, respectable performance by Strachan’s Scotland. My be we didn’t win, but the team seem to moving in the right direction. Perhaps we can have a rematch next year, this time at Hampden. Let’s hope so.

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