Poland v Scotland ticket allocation confirmed

The SFA have confirmed the ticket allocation for Scotland fans at the forthcoming match against Poland in Warsaw. 1,400 tickets have been provided for Scotland supporters, costing £12 each.

Tickets will be available to current SSC members with at least 5 points from 10.00am on Monday 27 January and can be purchased at http://www.scottishfa.talent-sport.co.uk.

If tickets are not sold out by 3 Feb the points requirement will be reduced as follows:

4 points – 10.00am Mon 3 Feb – 09.59am Wed 5 Feb
3 points – 10.00am Wed 5 Feb to 09.59am Fri 7 Feb
2 points – 10.00am Fri 7 Feb to 09.59am Sun 9 Feb
1 points – 10.00am Sun 9 Feb to 09.59am Tue 11 Feb
0 points – 10.00am Tue 11 Feb to 09.59am Thurs 13 Feb

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