Scotland held to 1 – 1 draw by Canada

It should have been an easy game. Ranked 117 in the world, Canada were not expected to put up too much of a fight. Scotland, although not having had the best of results recently, were expected to win. Or at least put on a better performance. It wasn’t to be.

Scotland, ideally, were looking for an impressive result. With the World Cup qualifier against Slovenia coming up on Sunday, it was everyone’s hope that the Strachan’s squad would win in outstanding fashion against the Canadians. However, after only 11 minutes Falkirk’s Fraser Aird put the visitors ahead. The Easter Road crowd were stunned into silence. And it didn’t improve much from there.

The rest of the match was a scrappy affair. Scotland equalised before the end of the first half, Steven Naismith scoring in the 35th minute. And that was it. The rest of the game provided the fans with little cheer. With a few near misses and better possession, it could be argued that Scotland were the better side. But with no more goals, many fans will have been disappointed, and few will be hopeful of a good performance against Slovenia.

Seriously Scotland! You’re better than this! We need a good result on Sunday. None of us want yet another World Cup finals as a spectator country.


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