Agony as Scotland draw 2 – 2 in Slovenia

Scotland came so close to going the World Cup finals. But, holding hosts Slovenia to a 2 – 2 draw when they needed a win, it wasn’t to be.

As with the previous match, against Slovakia, this was a nail-biter all the way to the end. Griffiths opened the scoring, receive deserved rapturous applause from fans. As well as a superb strike, this was the first goal Slovenia had conceded at home during the competition. Spirits were up! And Scotland ended the first half 1 – 0 ahead.

Unsurprisingly the Slovenians had plans to scupper Scotland’s plans. And Roman Bezjak was the fly in Scotland’s ointment. Equalising after 52 minutes, he then went on to score a second 20 minutes later. Disaster! Scotland had less than 20 minutes to save their place in Russia.

Scotland pulled the score back to 2 – 2 in the 88th minute. But it wasn’t enough. Scotland managed two more shots at goal, from Snodgrass and Phillips, but neither was successful. And that, unfortunately, was that…. A worthy effort, but Scotland fail to qualify.


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