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Norway destroy a dire Scotland

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“That’s the bloody worst performance I’ve witnessed. I am literally sickened!!”

That’s what my brother texted from the stadium in Oslo. And I have to say it runs parallel with how I felt last night – robbed of 2 hours of my life by a Scotland team that didn’t deserve better than the final score.

I was at the Rob Roy in Paddington with a couple hundred other fans. The atmosphere was one of optimism and expectancy. Norway are far from the best team in the world, so Scotland had a fair chance of a point or three. Unfortunately, the team either didn’t agree or didn’t care. And Norway took full advantage. Strangely the pub started to empty 20 minutes into the second half, and I blame noneof those who left.

As a closing comment here is what one of my friends said shortly after the match “They should be hung, drawn and quartered. Burley needs to take the high road!!”. Harsh, but fair?

Japan v Scotland friendly organised. And more?

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Scotland with Kirin Cup

It seems almost certain now. A Japan v Scotland friendly will take place on Saturday 10 October. And there is talk about a second match near Japan on the 14th (South Korea??). So, should I go?

Am totally up for it, but it’ll be no mean feat. It’ll totally bust the bank. Say that, it could be well worth it. Japan will be cool to visit and the last time the Scotland team went there they came home with the Kirin Cup. So a good game could be on the cards. I’ll just have to check my bank account after the fixture is confirmed.

Norway v Scotland rescheduled – the plans begin

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I just got back from my hoidays to find that the Norway v Scotland game has been rescheduled to 19 August instead of the original 12 August. Because of Champions League dates, UEFA made a request to FIFA to move the date forward. They were happy to agree.

Apparently the SFA made ‘repeated attempts’ to have the date changed to Ocrtober, after the start of the SPL season. As seems to be usual, the SFA was “disaapointed”.

Anyway, now we can start making plans. We have flights to Oslo in mind and are hoping to book some accommodation for 4 days. Oslo is meant to be expensive for beers, so if anyone knows of some cheap venues, we have would welcome a reply.

Holland v Scotland venue confirmed as Amsterdam

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Scotland’s World Cup qualifier against Holland has been confirmed as taking pace in Amsterdam. The SFA have just declared the venue for the match on 28 March as being the Arena Stadium, home of AFAC Ajax. With a capacity of 51,600, Scotland fan stand to be given an allocation of 5,100 tickets.

Amsterdam Arena

Amsterdam Arena

Unfortunately, I’m going to miss this match. Heading to Amsterdam with the Tartan Army would have been a pile of fun, but I’ve been asked over to America to see a friend. With a bit of luck though I hope to find a cable channel showing the match, and hopefully see a Scottish goal or two.

SFA Report Scotland 9-1 victory in Macedonia

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The SFA have reported on the recent Macedonia v Scotland match. It turns out that, rather than losing 1-0, Scotland actually romped home to a 9-1 victory.

Scotland win 9-1 in Macedonia

Scotland win 9-1 in Macedonia

Macedonia 1-0 Scotland – Nightmare in Skopje

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What a nightmare! 1 game into the new World Cup championship and it isn’t looking too pretty. A 1-0 defeat at the hands of the not-so-mighty Macedonia puts Scotland at the wrong end of Group 9.

We had travelled far for this match. 2 of us flew to London, met 3 more in London, flown to Sofia and taken a taxi to Skopje – no mean feat. Although we had no tickets, we were looking forward to a good game, and a respectable result. And we would enjoy it with the 3000-strong Tartan Army.

Having found out where to buy tickets we readied ourselves for the game. The traditional march to the stadium was along the banks of the River Vardar – a reliably good-natured affair. Scotland and Macedianian fans joined each other in singing and friendly banter. Spirits were high as we approached the gates.

Then, tragedy. We were not allowed to enter the stadium. Everyone had reached the gates and was expecting to get in to see the match. The Skopje police had other ideas. Turned out in full riot gear, they didn’t want any of us inside, and they were ready for a battle should anyone have a problem with that! Polite words fail me.

Obviously there was pure no violence. We had been shafted, but there are better ways of dealing with this kind of problem. In the meantime we settled down to watch the game in one of the stadium-side bars. A TV screen and beers would have to suffice.

The match kicked off, and a second distaster. Macedonia opened the scoring in under 5 minutes. Macedoni’s Goran Maznov won a free kick when he fell (???) on the edge of the penalty area. Despite Scotland goalkeeper, Craig Gordon, brilliantly deflecting Sedloski’s effort the ball struck the post only for Naumoski to drill it into the net. Absolutely gutting!

Scotland tried to equalise. However their efforts were lacklustre. The 35oC heat probably wasn’t helping. Barry Robson’s 20th minute corner was squandered, then 10 minutes laterMcfaden hesitated at the edge of the box missing what could have been a great opportunity. The first half ended 1-0.

The second half was slightly better, but only because Macedonia didn’t score. We should have been awarded a penalty when Milosevski seemed to foul McFadden in the box. Unfortunately, the referee didn’t agree. And to be honest, we were pretty dire. Whetherit was the monster heat or lack of passion we didn’t seem likely to equalise. And the reast is history.

We returned to the city centre dejected, thoughts turning to Wednesday’s forthcoming clash with Iceland. And many beers were downed, sadly not in celebration.

Macedonia v Scotland ticket allocation

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Bad news for anyone hoping to attend the Macedonia v Scotland match in September – the Tartan Army have been awarded a meagre 1000 tickets. Because of this the SFA have decided to offer tickets only to fans who have accumulated 5 points. This pretty much rules me out, and all my friends. So, anyone know a good pub in Skopje where we can watch the game?