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Tartan Army to be asked not to gather in Trafalgar Square

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The English FA will be asking Scotland fans not to congregate in Trafalgar Square on the day of the England v Scotland World Cup qualifier. However, they do have a good reason.

Typically, the Tartan Army would be expected to take meet en mass in Trafalgar Square. As much as the authorities would complain, it would be a fun and harmless affair. However, a clash with Remembrance Day commemorations means that the square will be unavailable to gathering fans.

The Royal British Legion has asked that football fans do not meet or celebrate in the square. However, like other members of the public, Scotland fans will be welcome to attend remembrance events and pay their respects to the war dead.

No doubt the Tartan Army will be able to make alternative plans. And every Scotland fan is an ambassador for Scotland, so we expect no trouble.

More info in The Scotsman.

Serbia v Scotland ticket allocation announced

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The SFA have announced the ticket allocation for the Serbia v Scotland World Cup qualifier on 26 March. Scotland fans have been allocated 900 tickets. There is also the possibility of a further 400 tickets being made available. The ticket price will be 5 Euros.

As ever, demand for tickets will be much greater than for 1,300 tickets. The SFA have therefore restricted initial sales to those SSC members with 7-10 points. The deadline to register for these tickets is 10.00am on 22 February, after which supporters with 6 points will also be allowed to buy a ticket up until 10.00am on 25 February.

The match in Serbia is scheduled for Tuesday 26 March – 8.30pm local time at Stadium Karadjordje, Novi Sad.

Update :

An further 300 tickets have been secured for Scotland fans. These tickets will be available from 26 February and cost 10 Euro (£9) from  the SFA.

Update 2 :

The eligibility for buying tickets for the Serbia v Scotland game has been broadened to include any fans with 3 or more points.

USA 5 – 1 Scotland

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To quote a friend and fellow Scot, “Glad I didn’t stay up to watch USA v Scotland.”. As you no doubt know we lost 5-1. 5-1!!!

I missed it too. And am not ashamed to say it. Passed out at approximately 12.30, my body kicked in its harm-avoidence system and made sure I had no chance of suffering for the next 2 hours. The plan had been to find somewhere TV or online to watch the game. Failing that, I was going to Skype Beth, my fiance in the US, and have here turn on here telebox. Luckily that endurance was avoided.

You could argue I can’t judge, but I will. USA have in recent years been the better team. They’ve progressed further in World Cup than we ever have. Also, they have the very capable Jurgen Klinsmann coaching them. So, it’s fair to say the USA team were expected to win. But not 5-1!!!

I despair…

Tonight Scotland invades America

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By now the Tartan Army will be in Jacksonville in the USA.

As ever the plan will be to enjoy the benefits of the host city and see Scotland victorious on the football pitch. After savouring a few brews, engaging the locals (with some preference for the ladies) and marching to the stadium the evening will be set for some finest football. A Scottish victory, of course, is on the cards.

It’s going to be a tough match. The heat there is a killer. From those I know who live over there, it’s hitting between 25oC and 35oC, so it’s going to test the team’s fitness. And to be fair to the USA team they aren’t too shabby: frequently outranking us in the FIFA listings. It’ll be far from a pushover.

All said, it’ll be fun. I’m making sure I get back in time to watch it. I have no idea, yet, if it’s on TV or internet or anywhere, but I hope to find something. And if you know please let me, and everyone, know. Failing all, I’ll get Beth, my US girlfriend in America (she’s supporting Scotland, as she should) to keep me up to date.

Come on Scotland!

Liechtenstein v Scotland – Ticket allocation decision

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The SFA have released details of the ticket allocation for the Liechtenstein v Scotland match on 8 October. Scotland fans have been allocated 2000 tickets.

Tickets will be available to SSC members with 6 points or more. Purchases can be made any time after 10.00 am on Friday 8 July until 9.00 pm on Friday 12 August. Tickets will be available from ticketlink.

Spain v Scotland venue confirmed

Posted in Euro 2012, Tartan Army on May 14, 2011 by Tartan Army Soldier

The Spanish FA have confirmed the venue for the Spain v Scotland match in October. The game will be played in the Costa Blanca, at the Estadio Rico Perez stadium in Alicante.

This is almost perfect. The Costa Blanca is a fantastic place. I’ve been to Alicante a couple of times and its got excellent bars and great nightlife. And if everywhere is crowded out I’m sure there will be plenty of beach parties going on. Going there will be a stack of fun.

There could be a lot riding on this match. It’s Scotland’s final game in the Euro 2012 qualifiers, and if we go there needing points it going to be the toughest match ever. The tensions will be stratospheric. Going up against the world champions will not be easy. Hopefully that won’t be the case. That said, it would be so good to see Scotland get some points against Spain.

Whatever the scenario, I’m hoping to get over there. I’ll be straight in there as soon as tickets are available.

Scotland v Brazil tickets on sale from 22 Feb

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The SFA have secured every SSC member a ticket for the Scotland v Brazil match at the Emirates Stadium. 2,500 tickes will cost £30 with the remainder being priced at £35.

Reading between lines, I don’t think anyone expects too many Brazilian fans. I could find no mention of a quota of tickets for the Brazilain support. So, it may be that the stadium will be full of Scotland fans and all Scotland supporters, including those not in the SSC, will be able to buy tickets for this match.

Hopefully there will also be a few Brazilains fans present. It’d be good to have some rival support. The atmosphere would benefit, and let’s be honest, the pretty ladies we often see in the Brazilain crowds would be a pleasant addition to a sea of male faces;)

Anyhoo, tickets go on sale tomorrow at